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We Are Located in Red Oak, Dallas-Fort Worth Area, Texas. 

Established in 2009, ChinChildren has been a sanctuary for neglected or abandoned chinchillas. The owner, Tamara, has been tirelessly working to take in as many relinquished chinchillas as possible over the years. ChinChildren aims to foster and provide proper care, so they can find their forever homes. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of chinchillas and welcome anyone who's interested in learning about these inquisitive and wonderful creatures. So please feel free to contact us - the only dumb question is the question not asked. 


Hi everyone!

Welcome and thank you for visiting the ChinChildren website. Tamara (founder and owner of ChinChildren) is the single-most passionate person when it comes to Chinchillas. We first met Tamara two days after Ivy, one of our twin Chinchillas, died (after three trips to our local vet and emergency clinic). Our remaining chinchilla, Coco, was showing symptoms very similar to those of Ivy a few days before she died. We were in a state of panic at 10PM on a Saturday night, and desperately called Tamara for the first time. She did not hesitate to invite us over, and we arrived at 11PM as Tamara welcomed us into her home. She took Coco in for a few days and made her all-better!


Our story depicts who Tamara really is – a truly passionate and loving Chinchilla expert.

We appreciate her dedication so much that we developed her website free of charge – no questions asked!

So don’t be shy, call her up, and come on down to Red Oak to meet the chinchillas, say hello to Tamara, and/or lend her a hand folks!

A Word from This Website's Developers ...

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