I had to leave my beautiful, sweet chin with Tamara since I couldn't properly take care of her anymore. Tamara took wonderful care of her and when I called her up the other day, she said she was just adopted by a new family. Thank you so much Tamara! It's relieving to hear she's found a good home with people who will love her as much as I do. Please keep the amazing work up!

Kate keen.

I called Tamra Tuesday afternoon crying because my chinchilla had just had 4 premature kits. Excessively tiny closed eyes and skin and bone.she has been an amazing help.at first mom wanted nothing to do with the kits the 3hour mark hit and still nothing so I go to petsmart and get some kitten formula because I was ready to bottle feed these kits if I had to…when I called Tamra she told me I could bring them out to her,within the first 3 minutes of talking to her. She’s flat out amazing and I can’t wait to start working with her as a volunteer.

Picture below of the kits

Sarah Talasek

Haven't visited the rescue center yet for a meet and greet, but I will in the future when the time is right. Contacted Tamara on the phone this afternoon. Asked a few questions and had a little bit of an education course about chinchillas. She's very knowledgeable about these cute little guys and most helpful. I'm more than likely going to be using her for future reference.


I was checking into getting a chinchilla for a grandson and Tamara was really helpful and seemed really knowledgeable. I forwarded her name an number to the grandson's mom so she could continue her quest for a chinchilla. I liked the fact that Tamara will give tours and is available to answer any and all questions.

Carlos Acosta

I just adopted a chinchilla from ChinChildren Chinchilla Rescue. He's the sweetest! Tamara is the best, the kids really loved her and our new chin! She carries all chinchilla supplies as well. I encourage you to buy from her! She answered all the question we had. Thank you so much Tamara

JD Bartee

Sadly I had to surrender my chin.

But after visiting with Tamara I know that he's in good hands and is going to end up with a good home. I can't imagine anyone I'd trust more to take care of him.

The Torres Family

Our Old lady Chinchila Misty was having some health issues after 16 years with us as part of our family..We called Tamara late one night and she inmediatly gave us lots of advise she is very knowledgeable about chinchillas.After a few days Misty health deteriorated and she went to sleep forever. Thank You very much Tamara for all the help you offered to us during this difficult times.
The Torres Family

Sarah Lahmers

Tamara is extremely knowledgeable about Chinchillas! We bought ours from a pet store and we misinformed of the actual care Chinchillas need. We were sold a small cage in which she was miserable. We bought her a larger cage with multiple levels but the bars were too wide and she kept escaping. Our chin basically took over a room in our home and as we are moving into a much smaller place soon it became clear that we could not care for her properly. Though we miss her, we know she is in good hands with Tamara! If we are in a position to get another Chin in the future I will definitely check with her first about her rescues. Thank you for taking our little sweetie Tamara, and for helping her find a forever home! You are appreciated!
:) Sarah

Alondra Medina

I’ve always wanted a chinchilla since forever and I live in a place where Chinchillas are not in petstores anymore and when they did they were not in proper closures and looked sad but with Tamara her chinchillas are happy and healthy and I also adopted a boy and is very sweet and her prices are awesome!!!!

Alexandria Faulkner

The best experience ever!! Tamara gave me so much information and helped me find the perfect little baby for me and my situation + gave me everything I needed! I am now so confident in myself and my chin. THANK YOU TAMARA!!