Alondra Medina

I’ve always wanted a chinchilla since forever and I live in a place where Chinchillas are not in petstores anymore and when they did they were not in proper closures and looked sad but with Tamara her chinchillas are happy and healthy and I also adopted a boy and is very sweet and her prices are awesome!!!!

Alexandria Faulkner

The best experience ever!! Tamara gave me so much information and helped me find the perfect little baby for me and my situation + gave me everything I needed! I am now so confident in myself and my chin. THANK YOU TAMARA!!

Megan Matison

Tamara was very helpful during the adoption of our second chin. We received all sorts of tips and tricks for these wonderful animals. Her prices were affordable and the experience was one of a kind! Would highly recommend for anyone looking to adopt a chinchilla

Logan Frederickson

It was a great experience. Tamara was more than helpful and really made us feel welcome. She takes great care of her chinchillas and is great on animal education. If I am going to get a chinchilla, it will be from her.

Monica Randles

Very informative

Carlos Acosta

I just adopted a chinchilla from ChinChildren Chinchilla Rescue. He's the sweetest! Tamara is the best, the kids really loved her and our new chin! She carries all chinchilla supplies as well. I encourage you to buy from her! She answered all the question we had. Thank you so much Tamara

Rachel Miller

Tamara is awesome! It is very evident that the animals, especially the chinchillas, have a nice & clean environment. After we got done helping set things up for the chins we dropped off, its like they were in a chinchilla penthouse! She had everything those little guys could ever need or want! She was so nice, and it was a great pleasure to meet her. You can't go wrong with Tamara!

Frida Ramirez

A wonderful rescue center that cares for its chinchildren.

I had to surrender my baby due to housing and financial problems but I have great peace of mind knowing their screening process is rigorous and informative! I know he will go to a good home! I especially know he will be well taken care of at the rescue because of their knowledge for chins and individual supervision they have for newcomers 🐭💛 I am so grateful an organization such as this one exist in Texas, with such great workers as well!! Special thanks to Aaron! You're so kind, I enjoyed meeting you and your chinchillas!!

Tiffany Landreth

I was so impressed with the set up for each chinchilla. I also love how she let's you spend as much time as you'd like with them. Great experience for me and I've made a lifelong friend, Tamara.

Sarah LeBlanc

She is very detailed and cares about all her “chinchildren” she tells you exactly how to take care of them and has a lot of stuff to show u she has a great way of adopting them out as well

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