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Chinchillas are highly intelligent and social animals. A healthy chinchilla under proper care can live 15+ years.

If you have only recently found out about chinchillas please do more research before adopting.

The general consensus (among people we know) is that chinchillas are not good pets for small children. Chinchillas are extremely fast and can easily jump over 3 feet (they are very hardcore). Despite their athletic nature, they are very fragile compared to humans and require delicate care. So please consider twice if you are adopting for your child.

Otherwise, please call Tamara at 972-617-8864 for more information or to schedule a meet-and-greet!

Meet-and-greet is an introduction session where Tamara will let you meet and interact with all adoptable chinchillas. She will also provide education and answer questions during this process. Depending on how many chinchillas are ready for a new home, a meet-and-greet may last 2 to 4 hours.




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