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about us

Hello from ChinChildren! 

We at ChinChildren provide a temporary home for chinchillas who are abandoned or neglected. Every chinchilla gets plenty of love and care, and we make sure they're on healthy diet. Chinchillas are incredible creatures that are naturally inquisitive and intelligent. It truly makes us smile every time we see a neglected chinchilla find a loving family. 

From the Owner


My name is Tamara, 

I have had chinchillas since I was age 11, living in Minnesota. And that was many decades ago! It was actually not my intention to start a chinchilla rescue - just kind of happened that way. I have had my rescue for over 11 years now. Shortly after I started my rescue, there was a big "blow up" in Arlington, TX, as to the "Global Exotics Animal Rescue" were all over the news. There were 26,000 animals (that lived). Out of those, there were 76 remaining alive chinchillas. I fostered 2 male chinchillas among them, and that was such a rewarding experience that made me continue my rescue until now.

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